💰 An interstellar merchant ready to buy $10,000 worth of equipment


ℹ️ The Arcadian council has just learned that a generous merchant going by the name of ‘WAX.io’ is willing to buy $10,000 worth of equipment.

However, this philanthropist wishes above all to be acclaimed by the inhabitants of the systems he visits.

🏆 The system that proves to be the most enthusiastic could charm the generous buyer and thus encourage him to spend his money in the vicinity.

📝 Summary:
WAX will be buying for $10K worth of NFT belonging to one project.

NBM is competing. WAX buying NBM NFTs = increased value for the NBM project.

Nominate NBM over: https://go.wax.io/CreatorsFirst
Learn more about the initiative over: https://medium.com/wax-io/creatorsfirst-the-10-000-spree-1fa875f1dd69



NFT Battle Miners

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