🎁 Implementation of a stimulus package for every new corporate leader!

NFT Battle Miners
2 min readFeb 27, 2023

ℹ️ In order to attract more corporate leaders in the Arcadian system, the Arcadian Fund for Market Regulation (AFMR) voted for a law enforcing the distribution of a free stimulus package for every corporate leader.

This package contains a random piece of land belonging to one of the frozen moons present in Arcadia along with 3 basic mining units.

Indeed, the Arcadian council has noticed that all the frozen moons, despite being extremely rich in Actium, are currently not at all being exploited by the current corporate leaders.

⚠️ Each item contained in the package will be linked to the corporate’s account and not be transferable. It will thus be impossible for corporates to resell or exchange these elements on the Arcadian market.

Finally, the Arcadian council strongly insisted on the fact that the AFMR will be closely monitoring the attribution of each stimulus package and anyone trying to take advantage of the offer will be sanctioned.

🎊 With such a measure, the council hopes to attract thousands of new corporates in Arcadia.

📝 Summary: Each account will receive a Frozen moon along with 3 Actives cards (all mostly C1). Those are not real assets and they can not be transferred, sold, fused or upgraded. Anyone attempting to create multi accounts will be sanctioned. With this new logic, UTD corp. is transforming NBM into a F2P game with anyone able to truly experience the game for free.



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