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3 min readMay 9, 2024

NFT Battle Miners (NBM) is one of the most popular games on the WAX blockchain, offering various gameplay modes. From intense fighting seasons where players can earn up to $30,000 to resource mining and NFT gathering, it provides a diverse range of experiences for players to enjoy.

Alchemy, the next release in the NBM series, introduces a captivating concept where players can explore Arcadia and gather over 350 unique materials, including strange liquids, flowers, animals, and even specimens frozen for millennia.

Example of Some Alchemy Materials.

Materials come in different rarities, ranging from Common to Ultimate. It is up to each player to strategically deploy the appropriate units in the right place or explore the correct location to maximize the chance of scoring a very rare material.

Once a player has collected different materials, they can then visit the Alchemist, a quirky savant specialized in material mixing.

Overview of the Alchemist and his Lab

Players have the opportunity to mix materials to create Isotonics, powerful potions that can boost every aspect of the game, from increasing resources mined to receiving free packs every hour.

Overview of Some of the Isotonics.

The concept behind alchemy is both simple and exciting: not every combination leads to an isotonic. In fact, players have to discover the right combinations of materials that create an isotonic. It is up to each player to choose the best method: teaming up with other members, engaging in a trial-and-error process, or attempting to brute force the system.

The most exciting part of the Alchemy concept is that the first person who discovers a working recipe automatically claims its ownership. Subsequently, the recipe becomes public, allowing every other player to craft it without having to waste resources rediscovering it. However, in return, every time a player crafts the recipe, they must pay royalties (15%) to the player who discovered it. This system is built on a logic of patents, with patents in the form of NFTs being automatically distributed to the first player who discovers a recipe.

Overview of some of the NFT Patents.

Therefore, patents allow players to passively collect income every time their recipe is being crafted. Additionally, since those elements are NFTs, players can trade them if needed.

Finally, since most of the Alchemy items, including materials and Isotonics, remain in-game items, the team plans on launching soon the Arcadian market, an all-in-one place where players can buy, sell, or exchange any goods they need to create Isotonics and obtain patents.

Overview of the Arcadian market.

In conclusion, Alchemy is an exciting feature offering every player a chance to collect materials, create Isotonics, or even own patents. With several layers of gameplay ranging from material sale to intense crafting, Alchemy aims to become the standout feature that takes NFT Battle Miners to the next level.

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