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4 min readMar 11, 2023


🔥 Dear Leaders,

🚀 It has been a month since the project fully restarted. You have been waiting and we would like to thank you for your patience and your support. As always, our team promotes transparency towards our community. This is why we are going to adopt a monthly update format to share with you what is going on behind the scenes. The Metaverse As you know, due to lack of funding, our Metaverse was strongly delayed. When the team gathered at the beginning of February, our first task was to analyze the whole NBM project, identify issues and realistically evaluate what can be done and what should be done. We came to the conclusion that the initial Metaverse (full 3D with FPS view inside the space station etc.) was a project way too complex which could be achieved and made more attractive using a different approach. Indeed, developing a video game still takes years for experienced companies (e.g. Ubisoft) having at their disposal an army of developers who do not need to worry about all the problems linked to blockchains, an extra layer on the top of our project that we have to deal with. Moreover, the gaming market is already saturated with amazing real-time grand strategy space games. Thus, there is no real point in putting efforts into the initial Metaverse vision when we came up with a much simpler approach which perfectly aligns with our objective to deliver the best crypto-game ever. This is why we used all the concepts developed so far by our previous Metaverse team to design a new concept for a Metaverse which is i) doable ii) amazing and most importantly iii) Exciting! In less than a month, we managed to tackle all major issues related to the development of such a game and we are already more than halfway through!

🔥 Everything connected!

In NBM Reborn, our next update of NBM, all the aspects of the NBM game will be interconnected through the Metaverse and its story. Each Corporate Leader will start his journey in a main space station where he will be able to create his own character. Each character will be evolving in Arcadia, a system containing 10 unique planets, 13 moons and an asteroid belt. Each of your current land will belong to one of the planets and each of your assets will be evolving in Arcadia. Many events will happen in this Metaverse (e.g. Riots, Space objects passing through etc.). Also, many current features will be upgraded. For instance, the current Mining grid, a simple and unattractive mini game where players dump all their useless assets, will become something better…

⛏ Ground Mining on New Terra

In the new Metaverse, Corporate leaders will have the option to send some of their units to the Apertian region of New Terra, the third planet in the Arcadian Metaverse. Aperta is a really rich region of 20x20 squares with many different environments. Everyone will be able to mine on this grid. Additionally, each land plot will be unique and it will come with a story and some functions. From thick jungle to weird swamps and include strange artifacts along with a field where all the flowers grow in the same direction as if an invisible object was standing there, it will be up to each of you to explore this wonderful map. This is only one example of the direction that NBM is taking to release a cohesive and exciting Metaverse.

🕳 Underground exploration

In your new Metaverse, the creation of your character is not only intended to look pretty. Each player will be able to upgrade his character using an innovative concept relying on a skill tree. It will also be possible to use your character to explore strange caves present on the surface of each planet. And we’re not talking about a ‘Fake game’ where you send your player and wait. Our team is currently developing a full 2D game with randomly generated caves (and monsters) that each player will be able to explore and fight!

🪙 A better Tokenomics

In parallel, we are reviewing and analyzing all the data collected so far to better understand the behaviour of our community: what are players mostly leveling, what is attractive, what is not, are prices relevant etc. We aim to identify bottlenecks which prevent new players from joining and fully enjoy the game. Additionally, in agreement with our story and the initial vision of the Metaverse, all the resources will be bound to a main token. But, to attract as many players as possible while increasing the value of everyone’s assets, we are currently exploring the option of making NBM a multichain game. Finally, we are developing a unique logic where each active card will have a specific in-game function.

💡 A bright future! 🚀

We will start implementing those new features one by one in the upcoming days/weeks. But this is only the tip of the iceberg… we have way more in stock. So… fasten your seatbelts, prepare your rigs, and see you in the Metaverse!

🔥 Your NBM Team 🔥




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