NBM ULTIMATE GUIDE, Article 1: Start from scratch!

In this series of mini articles, you will quickly learn all you need to know about NFT Battle Miners (NBM), one of the most comprehensive and exciting NFT games! By joining us, you will be able to own lands, construction cards and even win stickers, pieces and packs!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

In the NBM game, there are different types of cards. A picture being worth a thousand words, let’s have a look at those different cards.

The different types of cards in the NBM game

for each sticker that you burn (destroy), you receive a free Promo pack.

for each promo pack that you open, you receive one random Active card.

a type of card allowing you to play the NBM games along with the NBM mini-games.

blend 5 of them to get a free Promo Pack.

mostly Lands and Construction cards (we will talk about it later).

All the aforementioned actions (Opening, Burning, Blending) must be performed on the official NBM website.

Of note: Stickers can have different rarities. Virtually, each sticker (when burned) equals one promo pack. But…the rarest stickers can be used in unique blending recipes to create more Promo Packs! (5 stickers burned = 6 packs!). Do not hesitate to explore the NBM website (blending section) for more info!

And the best part is… that you can win most of the aforementioned NFTs by being active on our discord (link in the second article). No need to spend a single penny! But before joining, please check the next article of this mini series to maximize your chances of winning!

Your NBM team



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