NBM ULTIMATE GUIDE, Article 2: Join our discord and win!

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4 min readSep 18, 2021

Hello fellow miners!

In this series of mini articles, you will quickly learn all you need to know about NFT Battle Miners (NBM), one of the most comprehensive and exciting NFT games!

If you haven’t read our first article, Article 1: Start from scratch! — we suggest that you check it out. If you already joined our discord and are wax-linked/active, you can jump to our third article, Active cards, the basics. If you had troubles to understand the previous sentence, this second article is made for you!

On average, the NBM team is daily running up to 15 giveaways on its discord server. To maximize your chances of winning one of them, in this second chapter we will guide you on how to join our discord and become an official miner.

First, be sure to have a Wax account. If you don’t have one, please check this tutorial.

Second, join our discord. Once in, you should get 2 notifications on your left-sidebar. Select the first notification and then ‘click me to verify!’.

Filling up the ‘Double Counter’ protection is essential

This process is automatic and only takes few seconds. Next, click on the second notification and simply enter the displayed captcha. In case you cannot read the code, you can ask for an audio code (which will be different from the one that you got on the picture).

Filling up the ‘Manual verification process’ is also essential

Congrats! You are almost set! Now it is time to link your Wax account. Linking your Wax account to our discord will allow you to :

  • Unlock more giveaways
  • Receive prizes directly in your wallet
  • Become a verified miner

To link your Wax wallet to the discord:

  • Go to the bot-commands channel and write .honeycomb (mind the dot)
  • A window should appear with all the instructions. If you don’t have a honeycomb NFT, check the section 1 and click on ‘drop link’ :
  • You will be redirected to the honeycomb website. Click on Login and accept the GCU. Once you logged in, buy a honeycomb NFT for 0.25 WAX :
  • Then, go back to discord, re-type .honeycomb in the bot-commands channel and, in section 2 of the help message, click on ‘this link’ :
  • You will be then redirected to the Atomic hub website. Login and confirm the transaction by clicking on ‘send Transfer’ :
  • Confirm the transaction and wait a few seconds (the process can take up to 3min). Finally, go back to the bot-commands channel (in Discord) and write: .wallets add ‘your wax address’ :

Congrats! The process of linking your WAX address is now done. Your nickname should turn blue:

IMPORTANT : Never delete the .wallet message in the bot-commands channel as this message remains the sole link between your wallet and your discord account.

The final step is to get the active role, meaning, reaching level 5 on our discord. For that, you purely need to chat with other miners (preferably in the general chat, but no spam). Achieving active status generally takes less than a few hours and unlocks additional features, such as more giveaways and premium access to unique contests.

Now, you are all set to win your first NBM NFTs! Of note : If you want to know your rank, go to the bot-commands channel and write !rank

Finally, a friendly reminder : at NBM, we take the multi-accounting and the use of bots very seriously. To ensure that every member gets a fair chance to i) win free NFTs, ii) buy packs at the lowest price and iii) and win free tokens, we are using innovative approaches along with bots and community members to constantly monitor the health of our discord. All the cheaters will be permanently banned from all NBM activities and will be blacklisted from all the NBM-associated projects. Additionally, to ensure a maximum fairness during giveaways/contests, every winner is manually controlled. So, let’s play fair and square and enjoy the ride together :)

We hope to see you in Article 3, where you will learn how to read the stats on active cards and further use them to win free NBM tokens/NFTs.

Your NBM team




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