NBM ULTIMATE GUIDE, Article 3: Active card, the basics!

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3 min readSep 18, 2021

Hello fellow miners!

By reading our articles number 1 and number 2, you should now be all set, have understood the differences between stickers and active cards and, maybe even won your first giveaways!

It’s now time to explore the core mechanism at the heart of the NBM game, the active cards! (Reminder: the active cards are the NFTs allowing you to play to the NBM game). So… let’s dive in!

The first thing to know : In the NBM game, you will be able to mine and/or fight!

The mining part : Everytime that you mine, you extract resources and… you also get a chance of extracting (winning) a random NFT. The fighting part : you can face particular opponents. If your NFTs are stronger than your rival, you win.

The mining/fighting aspects mostly rely on active cards. This type of card always has 6 main attributes. Let’s split them into 3 categories. Red : Player versus Player (PvP) battles. Blue : mining. Green : Level and rarity.

POWER: How much damage your NFT will deal in PvP (the higher the better!).

ENERGY: How much it will cost you to play this NFT in PvP (The lower the better).

NFT MINING BOOST: A boost which increases the probability of getting NFTs when you mine.

RESOURCE MINING BOOST: A boost which increases the resources that you extract when you mine.

Representation of all the possible combinations between Rarity and Levels for a given NFT (Probabilities of getting each Rarity/Level are also indicated)

RARITY GRADE: Each card has it’s own rarity, ranging from Common to Ultimate.

LEVEL: Each NFT, despite it’s intrinseque rarity also has its own level ranging from 1 to 5.

Simply put : the rarer your NFT is, the stronger it will be. And, inside this rarity scale, a higher level means even stronger attributes.

Indeed, in the NBM universe, it is possible to level up your NFTs, meaning, strengthening them. At a glance: for a given NFT, a level up will either increase its Power (damage), decrease its Energy (cost to play it) or increase its mining efficiency (resource extraction and probability to mine new NFTs).

But, no rush! We will tackle the level up aspect in another chapter. Just keep in mind that no matter which rarity you get, you can always strengthen your NFTs to refine your strategy.

That being said, it’s now time to learn about the most exciting part of the NBM game : lands and constructions! So, let’s go move to Article 4, Land & Construction, the basics! to understand how those cards work and how to further use them to win prizes.

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