NBM ULTIMATE GUIDE, Article 4: Land & Construction, the basics!

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3 min readSep 19, 2021

Welcome back miners!

It’s now time to take a look at the land & construction cards, one of the most exciting aspects of the NBM game. (If you are new, please read our Article 1)

Let’s start with the lands:

Lands are pieces of ground on which players will be able to mine. Similar to active cards, each lands display a Level (LVL) and Rarity (GRD) along with a Resource Mining Boost (RESM) and an NFT Mining Boost (NFTM). However, each land has its own ‘size’ as well as its main resource which can be extracted using active cards (we will talk about resources in the next article).

The land size : this parameter indicates how many active or construction cards can be placed on a given land. Size is like virtual slots on which a player can place his NBM assets. For instance, this floating island has a size of 3 meaning that up to 3 NFTs can be placed on this land in order to extract the resources that it contains. As we saw in the previous article, strong active cards will extract more resources than weaker ones.

Additionally, the level and rarity of each land influences its RESM, NFTM, size and resources diversity. For instance :

Ultimate lands generally have a size of 4 with both boosts close to 10

Common lands only have a size of 3 with their boosts lower than 3

Also, on the rarest lands, different types of resources can be mined while on common lands, only 1 resource is available.

Finally, due to the limited nature of land size, a player can only mine on its own land. Although, public lands will be further introduced to allow new players to mine (and you will learn in the next sections that a public mine is already available!).

The construction cards:

Simply put, construction cards bear the same attributes (level rarity, size etc.) as land cards. But, they are played on lands to increase their statistics.

On the following example, we can see that the land ‘Ultimate deep mine’ has a size of 4, and offers the possibility to mine 3 different resources. By playing the construction card ‘Epic mining facility’ on this land, the first slot of the land becomes occupied. Although, both construction’s mining boosts (RESM 4 and NFTM 5) are now added to the land’s statistics while the production of the resource ‘Fusium’ also receives an extra bonus of 13%. Additionally, as the construction card possesses its own size (2), two extra slots are also added to the land. Thereby, construction cards are powerful tools that can positively affect the statistics of lands.

Lastly, keep in mind that to enhance the strategic aspect of the game, only 1 construction card will be available for ≈ 4 land minted (with 4000/15000 construction/land initially minted). Also not all the ‘land — active — construction’ cards will be compatible. It will be up to each player to determine unique working combinations and the best way to optimize them.

That being said, it’s now time to have a look at the different NBM resources and the best ways to collect them.

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