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5 min readSep 20, 2021

Fellow miners, it’s time to mine some resources!

In this article, we will go over the different ways to play NBM and earn resources at the same time, using our NBM assets. But, first thing first : in order to be able to play, you will need at least one active card. If you don’t have any, you can win some on our discord server or check the Atomic hub marketplace for good opportunities.

If you don’t know what Active cards are, please start with our first article.

All the mini games and mining functionalities can be found on the NFT Battle Miners website. If you first look at the game section, you will see that several mini games are currently available.

The NBM Mining grid:

This is the first public mine. This game (basically like a giant roulette) takes place on a grid of 300 possible plots (15x20) with each position being numbered from 0 to 299. In order to mine, you simply need to place your active cards on particular numbers. You can put as many active cards as you have. And… that’s it! The game takes care of the rest.

At the end of each hour, a random amount of resources (mostly very low) is allocated to each plot. Your active card then mine the amount or resources on the plot on which it is positioned. Your reward is determined by the Resource mining boost (RESM) of your NFT times the amount of resources allocated to the plot. For instance, if your NFT has a RESM of 10 and, at the end of the hour, the amount of resources allocates to its plot is 0.5, you will mine 5 tokens (10*0.5).

This mining process also include other exciting rules:

  • Special wins : at the end of each round, 10 random cells will contain significantly more resources than other cells (small win, blue on the grid). Additionally, 5 cells will contain a superior amount of resources (big win, green on the grid) while 2 cells will be allocated a very high amount of resources (jackpot!).
  • Every other game, a random user will receive a card piece. The higher the total NFTM parameter of all your active cards on the grid, the more chance you have of winning the piece.
  • Twice a day, a random user will also receive a random NFT from our partnership pool (similarly to the previous rule, this draw rely on your total NFTM parameter).
  • You can now even mine some WAX!

The NBM Active team guess:

While the Mining grid is mostly random, the Active team guess game relies more on strategy. Basically, you have an 8 hour window to place your NFTs in the 4 possible teams (each named after one token). You can either spread your active cards between the different teams or stack your cards in a single team. You then have to choose a random number between 0 and 99 and validate your selection (a selection is needed for each team you join). At the end of the 8 hours, two processes take place (for simplicity, we will consider that you have put all your cards on the same team and only picked one random number):

First, a random number between 0–99 is picked. Then, the difference between this random number and the number that you picked is calculated (let’s call this difference ‘Reductor’). For instance, if you chose 60 and the random number picked is 20, Reductor equals 60–20 = 40.

Second, a random rule is selected among the 4 possible rules and a calculation taking into consideration all the cards in each team takes place. The 4 possible rules are :

  • First rule : The power of all your NFT in the team is combined (e.g. If you put 3 NFTs with 30 Power each in the team Actium, your total Power in this team = 90). This total Power will then be reduced by the Reductor value : 90 (total Power) minus 40 (Reductor) = 50. Finally, this value is divided by the amount of cards that you put in the team. Given that you put 3 cards in the team Actium, your final Power will be : 50 / 3 = 16.67. You contribution to the team Actium will then be 16.67. This rule penalises people putting all their cards in the same team.
  • Second rule : The same as the previous rule but with Energy values. Additionally, the final pool is divided by the total amount of cards in the team. E.g. : if the final team pool is 900 but 800 cards were put in the team, the final team score will be 900/800 = 1.12. This rule penalises the teams with lot of cards.
  • Third rule : like rule 1 but instead of being subtracted, Reductor is added to your total Power. In this rule, the final pool is also divided by the total amount of cards in the team. This rule favorizes the teams with few cards and few users.
  • Fourth rule : like third rule but with energy. In this rule, the final pool is also divided by the total amount of users in the team. This rule penalizes the teams with lot of different users.

The winning team pockets 10000 tokens (spread between the members according to their respective contribution) while the 3 losing teams win 2000 tokens each (same distribution principle).

Even if a random factor has been implemented in this game, the victory mainly relies on strategy, deduction and a careful analysis of the composition of each team prior making any decisions.

Finally, no matter what game(s) you chose to play :

  • Each round, a new token is selected.
  • It is not necessary to stay connected or place back your NFTs each round. Until you remove them, your active cards will stay where you put them and will play every round.
  • Each active card can only be used in one game at the time. It is impossible to simultaneously play 2 mini games with the same active card.
  • More active mines (mini games) will be implemented down the road.

We hope to see you in the next article where we will crunch some maths in order to understand how the main mining process works.

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