NBM ULTIMATE GUIDE — Article 7, Exploring the mining mechanisms -PART 1 : Mining logic

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6 min readSep 21, 2021

Hello miners!

It’s time to crunch some maths to better understand how mining works. But no worries! We will go step by step and, for the sake of clarity, we will divide the mining process into 2 parts : 1, the mining per se and 2, the maintenance.

The first thing to know about mining is : you can not mine both resources and NFTs at the same time. You need to choose. Either resources, either NFTs. This limitation should mainly influence your mining strategy.

Second, if a land has more than 1 resource, you can not mine all resources at once. You need to choose one (and adjust your strategy accordingly).

But, to better understand those concepts, instead of going with a long and boring story, we will go with 3 examples : The Good, The Bad and The Winner!

The Good:

A standard player who wants to mine resources. He only has few actives (no construction) and understood how the game works :

  • The Good has a floating island (Rare level 1)
  • This land has a Resource Mining Boost (RESM) of 6 and a Size of 3.
  • The Good decides to play twice on his land the BM resources NFTs (Common Level 1), each having a RESM value of 3
  • The total RESM value of the active NFTs played on the land is then 6 ; (3+3)
  • Reminder : The land has a RESM of 6
  • The land only contains Constructium

Given that the land has an RESM of 6, and that the total RESM of all Actives on this land is 6, each hour, the Good will then theoretically mine 36 units of Constructium (6 x 6). It’s not more complicated than that. What one mines equals the sum of the RESM of all the actives on a land times the RESM of the land.

The Bad:

A standard player who wants to mine resources but didn’t understand how the game works :

  • The Bad has exactly the same land as the Good (Floating island Rare level 1)
  • He even has more actives than the Good
  • And all his actives have a better level : they are all level 4
  • Although, the Bad didn’t understand how the game works…
  • He just put random actives, each having a RESM of… only 1
  • Meaning that the total RESM of the active NFTs played on the land only equals 3 ; (1+1+1)

Thereby, the Bad will only earn 18 Constructium every hour (6x3). In conclusion, while mining on the same land as the Good with even more actives (all having a better level!), the Bad will earn twice less than the Good.

The Winner:

An advanced player who wants to mine resources. He understood how the game works. He has many actives along with 1 construction card :

  • The Winner has exactly the same land as the Good and the Bad
  • He almost has the same setup as the Good
  • Although, he has a Construction card ‘Filtering tower’ (C1)
  • As we saw in Article 4, the Constructions have their own RESM (here 1) and their own size (1).
  • With a size of 1, the Construction adds an extra slot (on which the Winner played another BM resource card) while offering a 5% bonus on Constructium extraction.

The total RESM value of the active NFTs played on the land is then 9; (3+3+3). Additionally, thanks to the Construction, the land now has a RESM of 7 ; (6 +1 ; Keep in mind that the Construction’s RESM is added to the land, not to the Actives). At first glance, the Winner should at least earn 63 Constructium (9 x 7) every hour.

But, the Construction card also offers a bonus of 5% on the Constructium production! So, the final yield is 66 Constructium / hr (63 x 1.05). Comparatively, if the Winner hadn’t played his Construction card, he would have only mined 54 Constructium / hr ; (9 x 6).

Once you understand those concepts, there is almost no point explaining the NFT mining because… it works the same way!

The probability of mining an NFT equals the sum of the NTFM of all the actives on a land times the NFTM of the land (then divided by 10000, to get the final value as a percentage). For instance, the Bad has 0.06% /hr chances of mining an NFT ; (you can see the operation just above).

If you win an NFT, the following probabilities apply :

The Crazy:

We were supposed to only have 3 examples in this first part. But… we all wonder what happens if you play several good constructions on a very strong land. Let’s check it out!

  • The Crazy has the best Land : an Ultimate with a size of 4
  • He also has 4 Constructions, all Ultimates
  • He decided to play those 4 constructions on the 4 land spots
  • His land has no more free spots but, each Construction has its own size : 3
  • 3 spots on each Construction times 4 Constructions = 12 extra slots
  • On each of those spots, the Crazy played and Ultimate mining album
  • Thanks to those Actives, both his total RESM and total NFTM = 168
  • Finally, the total RESM and NFTM of his Constructions are respectively 28 and 36

So, if the Crazy decides to mine a resource, he should at least earn :

168 (Sum of RESM of the actives) x 37 (RESM of the Land + RESM of the 4 Constructions) = 6216 tokens / hour

If he decides to mine some Minium, he will also get a 62% boost (15.5% x 4 Constructions) meaning 10070 tokens / hour

Finally, if he decides to mine NFTs, the Crazy will have 75.6% chances/hr of getting an NFT.

This example concludes the first part of this ‘Mining chapter’. Keep in mind that all the numbers that we saw above are theoretical. Actually, in the NBM game, both Active and Construction cards can be affected by several parameters such as the environment and may however require maintenance.

This is what we will see in the next article : Exploring the mining mechanisms -PART 2 : the maintenance.

Your NBM team




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