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4 min readSep 23, 2021

Hi there!

Did you open some packs and got a bunch of Commons level 1? It’s time then to make some level up!

First, there are few things to know about the levelling up NBM NFTs :

  • You can level up every type of card : Active, Lands, Constructions
  • Level up costs cards and/or resources
  • Level up greatly increases the strength (and the value!) of your NFTs
  • You will have the choice between 2 types of level up : Standard or pure level up

Let’s start with the ‘standard’ level up system :

Using this approach requires both NFTs and resources.

First, let’s talk about NFT cost. Each level up requires 2 NFTs : 1) the one that you want to level up and 2) the same NFT but 1 level lower. For instance :

  • leveling up from level 1->2 will always cost you 2 actives L1
  • leveling up from level 2->3 will always cost you one active L2 (the one that you want to level up) + 1 active L1 (1 level lower). If you make the calcul, this represents 3 actives L1.
  • And so on until creating an L5 which will cost you one L4 + one L3 (representing a total of 8 L1).

Please note that this ‘NFT cost’ is independent of the rarity (common, rare etc.) of the cards. The same system applies no matter the rarity of the NFT.

Second: in addition to NFTs, the standard level up also requires resources. The cost will depend on :

  • The rarity of the NFTs : Commons having a factor 1 ; Rare : 2 etc. until Ultimate : 5
  • The level that you want to reach (between 2 and 5)
  • The type of card being leveled up : each type requiring its own token (Actium for Actives, Constructium for Constructions and Minium for lands)

Knowing the aforementioned points, you can predict the cost of each level up using the general formula : 2000 x (Rarity factor) x (value of the level up). For instance :

In conclusion : standard level up will always cost you 2 NFTs and some resources. You can find all the values and tables in the Roadmap on the NBM website. If this level up approach doesn’t meet your needs, you can always try the Pure level up technic.

Pure leveling up :

As we saw in the previous paragraph, the standard level up approach will always cost you 2 NFTs + resources. If you don’t want to lose any NFTs, the pure level up approach is made for you!

Basically, you only need one NFT, but many more resources! The formula is the same as for the standard level up but either 4 (for actives) or 40 (land / Contructions) times more expensive :

In summary, the standard level up requires 2 NFTs and some resources. The Pure Level up only requires 1 NFT but is 4 to 40 times more expensive than the standard level up.

You must now wonder : ‘what happens when my Common reaches level 5? Is there any way to increase its rarity to make it rare?’ The answer is YES, FUSION!

As fusion is a process still under development, we will go quickly through it. Long story short, there will be 2 types of fusion :

  • Predefined fusion : you simply choose and follow a given recipe (among a long list of possible recipes with some producing what you need). Each recipe will require particular NFTs along with some Fusium (the formula to determine the cost in Fusium will be similar to the the one used to determine costs during standard level up). Also, the Predefined fusion only has one outcome (the card that you want having a higher rarity).
  • Random fusion : similarly to the pure level up, this type of fusion will cost less NFTs, but will consume way more resources. Simply put, the random fusion only requires 2 different NFTs of the same rarity (e.g. BM Sticker R5 and Mining Album R5). But, you will need to put more Fusium in the recipe to compensate for the lack of NFTs. Additionally, you do not control the outcome of the random fusion : you will get one higher rarity card out of the 2 types different types that you have used (in this case, 50% chances of getting a BM Sticker E1 or 50% chances of getting a Mining Album E1).

In conclusion :

  • Level up = increase NFT’s level
  • Fusion = increase NFT’s rarity
  • Both Level up and Fusion offers 2 options : the first one which consumes both NFTs and resources (Standard Level up / Predefine Fusion), the second one more resource(s) oriented (Pure Level up / Random Fusion)
  • Predefined fusion : you are certain of what you will get ; Random fusion : 2 outcomes.

This explanation concludes this level up article. We hope to see you in the final article of this series : the most frequently asked questions.

Your NBM team




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