NBM ULTIMATE GUIDE, ARTICLE 10: The most frequently asked questions.

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3 min readSep 23, 2021

In the previous articles, we have approached many concepts essential to understand the NBM game. We are certain that you still have plenty of questions in mind. This is why, in this final article, we will have a look at the most frequently asked questions :

What is NBM? Nft Battle Miners is a revolutionary game based on the Wax blockchain. In the NBM game, you can mine, fight, own lands and even customize them!

I’m new, where should I start? Just here :)

How do I get NBM NFTs? You can either buy them (official sales, secondary markets) or win them on our Discord server (Please read our Discord article to maximize your chances of winning!)

How do I join your Discord? Just click here :)

How do I become an active miner? Everything is explained in this article.

How do I Link my Wax on Discord? Everything is explained over here (we even put pictures!)

What is the difference between Stickers and Actives? Click here, it will take you 15sec to understand.

What are investors? Investors are people holding at least 10 ‘playable’ NBM assets (Playable = Active, Land or Construction cards). Stickers, unopened packs and card pieces do not count.

What is the advantage of being an investor? Investors get special access to the sales (private sales).

How does sales work? NBM sales rely on a unique and innovative system where the assets for sale are split into 2 pools : the Private Sale (for investors) and the Public Sale (for everyone).

What is a Private Sale? This is a unique sale where only investors can participate. The biggest advantage being : enough packs for every investor! One hour before the sale, each investor receives a ticket for every 10 playable assets (Active, Land or Construction cards) he owns. For instance :

  • 3 playable asset= 0 ticket (Not an investor)
  • 10 playable assets = 1 ticket
  • 19 playable assets = 1 ticket
  • 21 playable assets = 2 tickets etc.

Each ticket grants a 24h window to buy one unit of each different pack (with, once again, enough packs for every investor). At the end of the 24 hours, unused tickets are randomly distributed among the investor who applied for the second round.

What is a Public Sale? Conversely to the private sale, in the public sale : first arrived, first served (with probably not enough packs for everyone). This sale relies on 3 levels with Active Miners being able to buy first, then Wax-linked miners and finally everyone. Of note : there is a 30 minutes cooldown for each buyer.

When is the main sale? Friday 1st of october, 6PM UTC

What happens if I open a pack while not all NBM assets are revealed? When opening a pack, the NFT that you get is drawn from a pool containing all the available NFTs. If an NFT is not yet released, you can’t get it. If you decide to wait for the NFT to be released before opening your pack, then you’ll have a chance to get it.

What will be the price of NBM NFTs? No one knows. As the crypto world is generally fueled by speculation, it is impossible to predict the price that a given asset can reach.

Is NBM legit? NBM is currently being developed by United IT Development Corp., a company gathering a wide range of international experts aiming to develop high-quality products in various IT areas.

When will the game be playable? The game is already playable! Unique features such as PvP, map metaverse will soon be introduced.

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